About Kabbalah

The Kabbalah teaches us that the world is guided by an extremely complex system of forces or energies, which through their interactions provoke chain reactions that impact directly on man and the worlds. Each one of these reactions has numerous ramifications, with many details and results. It explains to us the true guidance of the world, so that we may understand the will of God. How and why He created the world, in what way He governs it, the provenance of the souls and angels, the reasons for the dualism of reward and punishment, etc.

The word Kabbalah comes from the verb Lekabel (to receive), but to receive it is first necessary to want, and to become a Keli (recipient) able to receive and contain this knowledge. The Kabbalah also demonstrates to us the importance of man, because only he, by getting closer to the Creator, can influence these incredible forces. For this, one has to elevate to a higher dimension of understanding, and start asking himself some very important questions like; “Why”, “What is the purpose of doing this act or this prayer”, “What are the outcomes of my actions” etc.

The other writings explain in the least details “how” to do, but only the Zohar and the Kabbalah explain to us the exact reasons, and effects of all our prayers and actions.

I believe that most yearn to serve at their best the Creator, but have been accustomed to execute and not seek further, or were kept away from this knowledge. It is now the time to know and learn this magnificent science, as it is written and recommended:

“From there, you shall seek the Lord your G-od, and you shall find him if you seek him with all your heart, and with all your soul.” (Devarim 4,29)

“The one, who was able to learn the secrets of the Torah (Kabbalah) and did not make an effort to understand them, will be severely judged”(Even Shelomo 85, 24). – HaGra, HaGaon Rabbi Eliyahu de Vilna

All the souls in this present world, that will make the effort to know their Creator through His secret writings (Kabbalah), will ascend higher than all the other souls that did not learn and understand, and will be first at the time of the resurrection. (Zohar, Vayeshev, 182, 2)

The man who learns Kabbalah is above all the others. (Zohar, Shemini, 42,)

The one that learns Kabbalah to understand the secrets of the Torah, and the purpose of the Mitsvot according to the Sod (secret), is called a “Son” of the Lord.(Zohar, Vayera)

And finally, the very clear obligation in the Torah “To know, now”, and not just believe:

“וידעת היום והשבת אל-לבבך כי יהו-ה הוא האלה-ים בשמים ממעל ועל-הארץ מתחת אין עוד”

Know, today, and consider it in your heart, that the Lord is G-od in heaven above and upon the earth beneath, and there is no other.” (Devarim, 4.39)