kabbalah concepts
concepts de kabbalah
Dictionnaire de kabbalah
Kabbalah dictionary


Rabbi Mordehkai Elyahu, Former Chief Rabbi of Israel


Rabbi Yehiel Abehtsera, Israel


Rabbi Menahem Greenglass, Montreal


“Brings definitions and concepts accessible to a greater number of readers”

Rabbi David Hanania Pinto, Jerusalem


“Your explanations and commentaries will be of a great contribution to those who seek to study Kabbalah”

Dr. David Sabbah, Grand Rabbin


“This Sefer represents a milestone in the publishing works of Kabbalah”

Rabbi M. Kessin, Tiferes Ramhal Institute, NY


“This dictionary will give the reader a just and faithful idea of the authentic Kabbalah”

Rabbi Mordekhai Chriqui, Jerusalem


“A great help for the learner of Kabbalah”

Rabbi David R. Banon