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288 Sparks

To sustain the recipients after they broke, 288 sparks of the lights came down as well, because a connection to their original lights was needed to keep them alive. Some of these sparks reunited with their higher lights, and helped the recipients rise and also reunite with their lights, while others fell even lower into the other worlds.

The Tikun – reparation is to make rise all the other sparks to their origin and bring back the creation to its original state. Therefore, the goal of all the works, deeds and prayers of men in this existence is to help and participate in the ascent of the rest of the fallen 288 sparks to their origin. This can be done different ways but mainly by accomplishing the Mitsvot and by the prayers.

After the breaking of the Kelim and the separation from their lights, it was necessary for the guidance of the world that reparation be done. From the forehead of Adam Kadmon emerged ten Sephirot of the aspect of the name of MaH (45), corresponding to the masculine – reparation. This is in contrast to the Sephirot of BaN (52), which correspond to the feminine aspect – rigor, and are the root of deterioration.

The Tikun was done by the union of the Sephirot of MaH (45) (mercy) and BaN (52) (rigor) in complex arrangements, so as to allow the feminine BaN (52) to be repaired by the masculine MaH (45), and for the Sephirot to stand in the three-column arrangement of kindness, rigor and mercy. With the proper order of the Sephirot in place, various configurations that are called Partsufim completed the creation.

With the emanation of the lights of MaH (45) He could have done the Tikun (rectification) of all the worlds after the Shvirat HaKelim (breaking of the vessels), but then, there would not have been a reason for the participation of man in this Tikun.

It is to give a possibility to man to act and repair the creation that G-od restrained in a way, his outflow of kindness to this world. At the completion of this Tikun of unification between the fallen sparks and their Kelim, it will be the time of the resurrection of the dead and the arrival of Moshia’h.