Mo’hin – Directive Force

The Mo’hin are the directive force given to a configuration by one or two superior configurations. Depending on the state of growth, there are Mo’hin of Katnut – infancy – and of Gadlut – growth. There are also Mo’hin that enter the lower configuration – interior, and Mo’hin that encircle him – exterior. These directive forces vary in strength and intensities.

During gestation, the directive force are at the lowest level and are called NHY (נצח, הוד, יסוד) of the Mo’hin; they are of the aspect of נפש.

During the suckling, the lights grow and the directive force are at a higher level; they are called HGT (חסד, גבורה, תיפארת) of the Mo’hin and are of the aspect of רוח.

During growth, the directive forces are now fully developed to guide with the full force of HBD (חכמה, בינה, דעת); they are of the aspect of נשמה.

Two distinct Mo’hin come to ז׳א: directive forces of אימה arrive first, and then the directive forces of אבה, second. The directive forces that are given from אבה and from אימה to ז׳א, are called his Tselem (צלמ) and do not completely enter into him

The ones that enter inside the lower configuration – interior, are the three Sephirot NHY (נצח, הוד, יסוד) of the superior configuration, they divide in three and are now composed of nine parts and correspond to the צ. They spread into the nine Sephirot of ז׳א.

The ones that do not enter are HBD, HGT of the higher configuration. They do not enter inside the lower configuration, but rather encircle him on the outside in the three-column arrangement of kindness, rigor and mercy. The encircling Mo’hin are of a higher aspect than the interior Mo’hin and correspond to the למ of the complete Mo’hin -צלמ  

The HGT (חסד, גבורה, תיפארת) that surround him correspond to the ל

The KHBD (כתר, חכמה, בינה, דעת) that encircle him correspond to the מ

Before reaching its full force, ז׳א goes through three prepatory states. First, from his original six Sephirot (infancy 1) he will get his higher four Sephirot which are his directive force, from ISOT 2 (growth 1). When these directive forces exit[3] it is infancy 2, when they come back to him through ISOT 1 (אבה and אימה), he has reached his full growth (growth 2).

Therefore, for the two infancies and two growths of configuration ז׳א, there are directive forces corresponding to each one of these different states of growth.

Directive forces of infancy

There are two types of directive forces of infancy: Katnut (infancy) 1 and Katnut 2.

When configuration ז׳א only receives the NHY (נצח, הוד, and יסוד) of his Mo’hin – interior – but not the encircling, they are the directive forces  of Katnut 1.

When he receives the NHY (נצח, הוד, and יסוד) of his directive forces directly from אימה, they are the directive forces  of Katnut 2.

Directive forces of growth

There are two types of directive forces of Gadlut (growth): Gadlut 1 and Gadlut 2.

When configuration ז׳א receives all his directive forces – interior and encircling from ISOT, they are directive forces  of Gadlut 1. When he receives all his directive forces directly from אימה, they are directive forces  of Gadlut 2, and he has now attained his full maturity.